South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Oct. 2021 Snapper Grouper AP Meeting

Location: Via webinar only

Tuesday October 19, 2021, 1:30 P.M. – Thursday, October 21, 2021, Noon
Approval of Agenda – Jimmy Hull
Approval of September 2020 and April 2021 AP minutes – Jimmy Hull
Committee Chair Remarks – Jessica McCawley (Attachment 1)

  1. Update on recent regulations and status of amendments (Attachment 2)
    a. Amendment 50 – Red Porgy
    b. Amendment 49 – Greater Amberjack and Recreational Annual Catch Targets
    c. Amendment 48 – Wreckfish ITQ Modernization
  2. Fishery Performance Report for Gray Triggerfish ( (Attachment 3)
  3. Amendment 51 – Snowy Grouper (Attachments 4a and 4b)
  4. Amendment 44 – Yellowtail Snapper (Attachment 5a and 5b)
  5. Amendment 52 – Fishery Overview and Discussion of Management Changes for Golden
    Tilefish (Golden Tilefish Fishery Overview) (Attachments 6a and 6b)
  6. Amendment 53 – Fishery Overview and Discussion of Management Changes for Gag
    Grouper (Gag Grouper Fishery Overview) (Attachments 7a and 7b)
  7. Fishery Overview for Red Snapper (Red Snapper Fishery Overview) (Attachment 8)
  8. Snapper Grouper Fishery Management
    a. Discussion of the Commercial Snapper Grouper Permit (Attachments 9a and 9b)
    Melvin Bell, Chair | Carolyn N. Belcher, Ph. D., Vice Chair
    John Carmichael, Executive Director
    b. Discussion of Management Strategies and Priorities for Snapper Grouper
    Framework Amendment (Attachment 10)
  9. Vermilion Snapper Commercial Trip Limit (Attachment 11)
  10. Other Updates:
    a. SEDAR
    b. Citizen Science (Attachment 12)
    c. Climate Change Scenario Planning (Attachment 13)
  11. Other Business – Jimmy Hull