South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

SAFMC Recruitment Announcement: SEDAR Coordinator

Southeast Data, Assessment, and Review Program (SEDAR) Coordinator

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) is seeking a coordinator for the
Southeast Data, Assessment, and Review Program (SEDAR) to assist with planning and
managing stock assessment projects. SEDAR, headquartered in North Charleston, SC, is a
cooperative Fishery Management Council process to provide quality scientific stock assessments
and other relevant information to address fishery management issues. SEDAR is managed by the
Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic Regional Fishery Management Councils in
coordination with NOAA Fisheries and the Atlantic and Gulf States Marine Fisheries
Commissions. SEDAR emphasizes constituent and stakeholder participation in assessment
development, transparency in the assessment process, and a rigorous and independent scientific
review of completed stock assessments.

The SEDAR Coordinator is a full-time position that will work closely with the SEDAR Program
Manager. The position will primarily focus on planning, coordinating, and managing fisheries
stock assessment projects. The Coordinator will function as a liaison between the Program and
the various program Cooperators, and will organize and facilitate in-person and webinar-based
meetings and workshops.

Applicants must be willing to live in or around Charleston, South Carolina. This position is
eligible for telework up to four days per week, but full-time remote work is not available.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, coordinate and manage fisheries stock assessment projects. This includes addressing meeting logistics and travel requirements in cooperation with administrative staff and liaison with the SEDAR Cooperators to secure appointments, provide workshop notices, and approve workshop objectives and schedules.
  • Organize, arrange, and facilitate SEDAR workshops, which include state and federal agencies, non-government organizations, Council members, Council advisors, and the fishing industry with a goal of including a broad range of disciplines and perspectives.
  • Monitor progress to ensure projects are completed as scheduled and in accordance with SEDAR guidelines. Provide project progress reports to Cooperators, participants, and stakeholders.
  • Manage project documentation and administrative records, including website posting of workshop materials. Distribute briefing materials prior to meetings and ensure workshop proceedings and reports are distributed and included in the administrative record.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications

Minimum Education Requirement: A Bachelor’s degree in fisheries science, natural resources
policy and administration, marine biology, science communication, or a related field.

Minimum Professional Experience: A Masters degree or at least 1 year of professional experience related to fisheries, natural resources, or science communication

Minimum Professional Experience Requirement: (no minimum specified for this position)


  • Knowledge of fisheries management systems, fisheries population dynamics and biology, and scientific peer reviews.
  • Written and oral communication skills, involving communication with managers, scientists, and stakeholders.
  • Project coordination and planning abilities including the ability to work on multiple ongoing projects at one time.
  • Self-discipline and the ability to work independently to manage complex projects.
  • Ability to work with multiple agencies and entities. Agencies include NOAA Fisheries SEFSC, SERO, and HMS; MFMC, CFMC, ASMFC, and GSMFC staff, and state agencies.
  • Knowledge of species occurring in the Southeastern United States.
  • Ability to post materials to a website using WordPress.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Supervision Received

Works under the direct supervision of the SEDAR Program Manager.

Travel Requirements

Overnight travel is required. There is a significant amount of travel associated with this position.

Work Environment

Work is generally performed in an office or hotel meeting space. Work schedule may occasionally
exceed 40 (forty) hours per week. The position requires working with a wide range of partners and
participants including commercial, recreational, and for-hire fishermen; NOAA Fisheries; state and
regional resource management agencies; researchers; outreach specialists; and non-governmental
organizations. Work requires interacting informally and formally, individually and through various
teams and work groups.

Salary and Term

  • ZP II (starting salary: $49,025 – $53,694 depending on experience)

Closing Date

Hiring materials must be submitted by March 27th, 2024 at 5pm EST. Late applications or incomplete
applications will not be considered.

Send Cover Letter, Resume, and 2 References to:

Julie A. Neer

SEDAR Program Manager

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

4055 Faber Place Drive, Suite 201

North Charleston, SC 29405