South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

System Management Plan Workgroup

The System Management Plan Workgroup is an advisory panel to the Council to help with the management of areas known as marine protected areas (MPAs) which includes Deepwater MPAs created in Snapper Grouper Amendment 14, Spawning Special Management Zones created in Snapper Grouper Amendment 36, and Oculina Bank Experimental Closed Areas created in Snapper Grouper Amendments 6 and 13A.  The workgroup helps the Council to evaluate the protected areas based on biological protection, social and economic impacts, and compliance. The group recommends changes or modifications in the shape, location, and size of the protected areas.    

The System Management Plan Workgroup consists of state and federal agency staff (biologists, economists, social scientists, outreach specialists, and law enforcement) as well as fisher folk and NGOs.  Agency representatives are appointed by their respective agencies and have no term limits.  Fisher folk and NGOs are appointed for three-year terms and can be appointed for three consecutive terms as specified in the AP Policy.   

The System Management Plan Workgroup meets as needed.  When developing a product for the Council, it could take several meetings (1 meeting per month) via webinar or a one-day in-person meeting.   

System Management Plan Workgroup Members
Alejandro AcostaFLFWC
Cameron BrintonGAGA DNR
Dr. Sandra BrookeFLCoral Specialist
Jill Christoferson FLFWC
Dr. Lora ClarkeSCNGO
Michael DixonFLRecreational
Dr. Nick FarmerFLNMFS
Dr. David GilliamFLCoral Specialist
Dr. Pat HarrisNCEcologist/Biologist
Morgan HartSCSC DNR
Stacey HarterFLNMFS SMP Contact
Rusty HudsonFLCommercial
Bob MartoreSCSC DNR
Dr. Clinton MoranSCRecreational 
Dr. Roldan MunozSCNMFS
Herbert PayneGARecreational
Captain Scott PearceFLFWC
McLean SewardNCNC DNR
Dr. Chris TaylorNCNMFS
Lt. Michael Paul ThomasSCSC DNR
Major Jason WalkerNCNC DEQ
Dr. Brian WalkerFLEcologist/Biologist
Jason WhiteNCAcoustics/Mapping Specialist 
Various species of fish schooling on a coral reef.

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