Red Snapper Regulations

Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Lutjanus campechanus


Mules, Sow Snapper, Spot Snappers (small)

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Physical description:

Color pinkish red over entire body, whitish below; long triangular snout; anal fin sharply pointed; no dark lateral spot; red eye.

Biological description:

Found OFFSHORE on the continental shelf. Juveniles occur over sandy or mud bottoms; adults may live more than 20 years, and attain 35 pounds or more; sexual maturity attained at age 2; spawns June to October; feeds on crustaceans and fish.

Red Snapper is CLOSED to harvest in the federal waters of the South Atlantic. Snapper Grouper Amendment 43, which could allow for a season in the summer of 2018, is up for approval for NMFS and the Secretary of Commerce. Click here to learn more about the amendment!

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